Hardwood Flooring Design

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Wood flooring is considered the most versatile of all flooring materials. Wood combines beauty, warmth, resistance to indentation, durability, and availability. It also has resistance to cold , which gives wood flooring the additional advantage of comfort. Wood flooring is available in a variety of colors in addition on the familiar tones of natural wood.


Hardwood flooring is the king of floor coverings. In general, hardwoods come from deciduous trees  (trees that shed their leaves each year). The most popular hardwood used in flooring is oak. Other hardwoods sometimes used in floors, but more popular in furniture construction, include maple and birch. There is some exotic woods such as Brazilian cherry, mahogany, jattoba and lot more. Hardwood flooring  is frequently installed prefinished. This mean that the top surface of each board has already been stained and coated with a tough, shiny acrylic or lacquer and should always be done by professionals. There are too many ways for the inexperienced amateur to make mistakes. Stained and sealed wood floors require vacuuming and occasional damp mopping with a vinegar and water solution. Waxed floors must be protected from water and do require occasional re waxing.


Living room flooring

It is the most used part that withholds most of the traffic coming in and out of the house . It is highly recommended that the flooring should be strong enough that it can endure all such amendments done with your furniture or to the increasing and decreasing ratio of visitor. For this purpose you can opt for hardwood flooring. Being classy and sophisticated in look it is the perfect choice for your living room whenever you are remodeling your home.

Bedroom flooring

There are plenty options when it comes to flooring in your bedroom.Being the most private and personalized part of your home, you bedroom is the place which grabs a big part of your budget whenever you are remodeling you home. You can use carpet, tile, hardwood, bamboo, cork or laminate. Play with different materials in different rooms. You can opt for striped light and dark shades in your boy's room so that if your son is going to create mess, which is unavoidable, the flooring can withstand the burden. Also the flooring can bear heavy traffic of the folk coming in the bedroom. For more powerful scratch and water resistant flooring you can choose laminate.

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Kitchen flooring

Design the floor of your kitchen in such a way that it not only looks pretty but also gives a practical impression. You can choose from vinyl, tile, natural stone, wood, cork or laminate.