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Our specialty is modern custom stairs and railings. Our most important feature is the accuracy and quality of our work. At CustomDreamStairs we perform engineering, design and construction of metal, iron, wood and glass stairs and railings with the highest quality. If you are looking for modern stairs and railings in your living or working environment, share your orders with us right now and realize what you have in your dreams. We offer our services throughout Canada.


Custom Dream Stairs provides you with the railings and stairs Materials to make or upgrade the staircase of your house according to your desired taste and budget. This complex tries to provide high quality and attractive staircase for your house by presenting modern facilities.

Custom Dream Stairs railings and stairs are offered in two types of wood and metal. Wooden railings are produced from a variety of wood species such as: beech, walnut, oak, etc. You can customize and differentiate wooden railings and stairs for your home by choosing a Newel post, Wooden handrails and brackets.

You can also make durable and modern metal railings by choosing Spindles,  Shoes and accsseories. In the production and construction of stairs, several important factors must be considered. The first case is the treads and noses, which prevent them from slipping, wear, sinking and impact resistance. Custom Dream Stairs also gives you the benefits of making your staircase stronger and more durable.

Another activity of the Custom Dream Stairs suite is to provide glass pool, glass railings or any other glass protector.

In most homes today, glass railings are used in a variety of styles and designs that will double the attractiveness of the decoration. The question may arise for everyone that glass pool and glass railings are fragile and do not have high strength. But you can trust Custom Dream Stairs with the assurance of the high quality and durability of the glass and equipment used.

In homes where there is not enough space and light, glass railings and glass pool are a good option to expand the space.

By choosing the equipment of these panels, including Base shoes, Connectors , glass panels, Post and mini posts, Spigots, Standoffs, you can choose durable panels according to your taste and budget.

In this category, Custom Dream Stairs has provided its products to you with a special discount. Be sure that by choosing a Custom Dream Stairs, you can fulfill your dream needs. The Custom Dream Stairs team is always trying to provide you with the best railings and stairs in terms of design and quality.


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