Mono Stringer Stairs

Mono Stringer Stairs

Among the many staircase designs available, the wood mono stringer stairs are an innovative and captivating choice with elegance, craftsmanship, and special style.

Mono Stringer Stairs can have the warm, rich tones of oak, the contemporary elegance of maple, or the sophisticated charm of cherry. The options are vast, allowing you to create a truly unique and personalized staircase that reflects your aesthetic. Does not matter building a new home or renovating an existing space, mono stringer stair design can elevate the design of any interior, seamlessly blending with a wide range of architectural styles, from contemporary to classic.

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refinishing stairs

At Custom Dream Stairs, we offer a variety of options to give your old staircase a new and modern look. One of our popular services is refinishing.
also Recapping a staircase is a great way to update the look of your stairs without the expense and hassle of a full replacement. It is an excellent option if your existing stairs are structurally sound and just need a cosmetic update.
By choosing Custom Dream Stairs for your recapping needs, you can be sure that our skilled craftsmen will take the utmost care in installing the new treads and risers, ensuring a seamless and professional finish that will transform your old stairs into a brand new staircase.
With our refinishing services, you can transform your old staircase into a beautiful new feature of your home. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your dream staircase.
straight wooden stairs with steel railing in brown color
Custom patterned stair railing design and beige color

Stair installation

new stairs installation involves precise measurements and skilled craftsmanship to securing each step, every detail contributes to a functional and stylish staircase.

new stairs installation can be an exciting and rewarding process that adds beauty and functionality to your indoor space.

A well-designed staircase not only serves as a means of vertical circulation but also adds character and style to the space it occupies, making it an indispensable element in any building project.

We offer you stair installation services. Take a moment to browse through our brand-new staircase section and let us help you bring your vision to life. Our team is dedicated to making sure every project is completed with the highest level of professionalism and quality. Contact us today to get started on your project!

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Top Advantages of Mono Stringer Stairs:

  • Versatility: The mono string stairs can be crafted from a variety of wood species, each offering its unique grain patterns and color variations, allowing homeowners to personalize the look and feel of their staircase.
  • Structural Integrity: The single, robust stringer at the core of the design provides exceptional strength and stability, ensuring the safety and durability of the staircase.
  • Space-Saving Design: The sleek, minimalist profile of wood mono stringer allows for a more open and airy feel in any space, making them an ideal choice for homes with limited square footage.
  • Low Maintenance: Wood mono stringer stairs require minimal upkeep, with a simple cleaning and occasional oiling or varnishing to maintain their lustrous appearance.
  • Increased Property Value: The timeless elegance and high-quality craftsmanship of wood mono stringer stairs can significantly enhance the overall value of a property, making them a wise investment for homeowners.
mono stringer stair design
mono stringer stair design

Mono Stringer Stairs Design Ideas for House Interior

The versatility of Mono Stringer Stairs allows them to seamlessly integrate into a wide range of architectural styles, from modern and minimalist to traditional and ornate. The beauty of mono stairs overall lies in their clean, minimalist design. The single, central stringer, typically made of solid wood, supports the treads and risers (with unique grain patterns and color tones), creating a floating, and cantilevered effect that is both visually striking and structurally sound. The design of these stairs can be further customized with various features:

  • Floating or Attached Treads: The treads can be designed to appear as if they are floating above the stringer, or they can be attached directly to the stringer for a more traditional look.
  • Curved or Straight Stringer: The stringer can be designed to follow a straight or curved path, depending on the layout of the space and the desired visual effect.
  • Decorative Accents: Homeowners can incorporate decorative elements, such as intricate wood carvings or glass inserts, to add a unique touch to the staircase design.
Custom mono stringer stair u-shaped wood

Enhancing the Aesthetics of Wood Mono Stringer Stairs

The inherent beauty of wooden Mono Stringer Stairs can be further enhanced through creative and innovative design choices and thoughtful strategic placement within the home. Here are some ways to elevate the aesthetic appeal of these stunning staircases:

  1. Handrail Design: The handrail can be designed to complement the overall aesthetic of the staircase, using materials like wood, glass, or metal to create a cohesive and visually appealing look.
  2. Flooring Coordination: Carefully selecting flooring materials that complement the wood tones and grain patterns of the staircase can create a seamless and harmonious visual flow throughout the space.
  3. Lighting: Strategically placed lighting, such as recessed fixtures or wall sconces, can create a warm and inviting ambiance, highlighting the natural grain and texture of the wood.
  4. Surrounding Decor: Incorporating decorative elements, such as artwork, wall hangings, or potted plants, can add visual interest and draw the eye to the staircase as a focal point.
Mono Contemporary Staircase
Mono Contemporary Staircase

Best Wood Mono Stringer Stairs for Home's Staircase

The choice of wood species is a crucial decision when it comes to wooden Mono Stringer Stairs, as it can significantly impact the overall look and feel of the staircase. When selecting the right wood for step stringers, it’s essential to consider not only the aesthetic appeal but also the durability, maintenance requirements, and overall cost of the material.

Popular Wood

Unique Characteristics

Wood Color & Texture



Durable and Sturdy Wood

Withstand Heavy Use

Distinctive Grain Patterns and Warm

Rich Tones



Sleek, Contemporary Look

Light, Uniform Grain

Subtle Color Variations

Modern or Minimalist Design Schemes


Sophisticated and Elegant Look

Deep, Reddish-Brown Hue

Fine, Straight Grain



Sense Of Warmth and Sophistication

Deep, Chocolate-Brown Tones

Striking Grain Patterns

Luxurious Wood Choice



Classic and Timeless Wood Species

Rich, Reddish-Brown Color

Straight, Uniform Grain

Traditional Or Classic-Style

Factors that Affect the Cost of Mono Stringer Stairs

The mono stringer staircase price can vary depending on several factors. It’s essential to consult with a reputable staircase manufacturer or installer to obtain a detailed estimate that takes into account the specific requirements of your project and mono stringer stairs cost:

Staircase Size: The size and complexity of the staircase, including the number of treads and risers, can affect the material, labor costs, and finally mono stringer staircase price.

  • Wood Species: The type of wood chosen for the stair stringers can significantly impact the overall cost. Exotic or rare wood species, such as walnut or mahogany, tend to be more expensive than more common options like oak or maple.
  • Installation Complexity: The difficulty of the installation process, which may depend on the layout of the space and the type of substructure, can also influence the final price.
  • Custom Features: Additional design elements, such as curved stringers, floating treads, or decorative accents, can increase the overall cost of the project.
  • Geographic Location: The mono stringer stairs cost can vary depending on the region, with factors such as material availability and labor rates contributing to the overall price.

Stunning Design Examples of Mono Stringer Stairs

Curved Sophistication:

A gracefully curved wood mono stringer staircase, with a sweeping design that adds a touch of drama and grandeur to the space.


Contemporary Chic:


A sleek, modern wood mono stringer with floating treads and a minimalist glass handrail, creating a seamless, and open-concept look.


Traditional Elegance:


Classic wood stair stringers featuring rich, dark-toned oak treads and risers, complemented by a beautifully crafted wooden handrail.


Rustic Charm:

This staircase is crafted from reclaimed or weathered wood, blending seamlessly with a cozy, farmhouse-inspired interior.


Dual-Tone Elegance:

The staircase combines two contrasting wood species, such as light maple and dark walnut, creating a striking visual statement